To Include RSVP Cards Or Not?  That Is The Question!

To Include RSVP Cards Or Not? That Is The Question!

Posted by Cherin Thompson on 23rd Jul 2019

RSVP cards are an important part of your wedding invitation suite but in today's tech savvy society, people opt to have their guests RSVP online. This option works great for people that have been around computers. But what about your grandparents and people their age? While we're making it convenient for the younger generation to respond, the older generation is getting left out. As a result, they might not attend or worse, attend without RSVPing. Your caterer might be very upset with that!

My dad doesn't know how to use a computer and he sees no need to learn. He's too worried about security breaches. He loves doing things the old fashioned way, i.e. everything paper. Heaven forbid, if for some reason our tech world comes crashing down, he's probably the only one that will survive! My mom and I do anything computer related for him. That includes responding to events he gets invited to if his only option is to RSVP online.

If you're trying to save money, the following are some options you might consider:

  1. Purchase a smaller quantity of RSVP cards. You know which guests won't be able to respond online. Send your RSVPs only to them.

  2. Instead of doing a traditional RSVP with envelope, make it a postcard. I have a client I'm working with who is doing just that.

  3. If your invitations include something fancy like foiling or letterpress, don't do the same on your RSVPs. Afterall, your guests will be mailing them back to you. Why spend the extra money on something you're going to get back?

  4. Print in black as it is cheaper than printing in color.

  5. Let your guests put the stamp on the RSVPs. There is no written code about having to include stamps on the envelope or postcard.

All in all, keep your RSVP cards simple and it won't cost you that much extra to get them printed.